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Imagine you are a farmer, a simple peasant. You go by on your daily life of tending to your chickens in peace, but then the protagonists appear... They are the so called "Heroes", but all they do is kill your chickens, steal your gold and destroy your house! Now you are angry and want to just protect your simple life, and you do that by placing traps to kill the protagonists before they get to your chickens! But by doing so you end up becoming an Evil Lord...

This game was originally made in the Epic Game Jam at Curitiba (promoted by PUCPR). This is a version done later made using Unreal. The Jam version can be played here: http://peasanttoevillord.bitballoon.com (warning: it's buggy! Also, press B to summon the boss)

The controls are A and D to walk, 1 2 3 and 4 to chose the trap and mouse click to set it down. The protagonists come from both sides and they do destroy the traps!

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