Sometimes self care means tidying up your room. To some people with depression, without the energy to even get out of bed, your room starts to reflect your mental state. Forward is a notgame about fighting depression with little actions, like tidying your own room. It isn't something that will cure depression, but it's through small changes that fighting the illness becomes possible and you can start to feel at home again.

This game was made for the Global Game Jam 2019.


Caio "Sychro" Nercolini
Debora "Debxxv" Tonel
Diego Pontes
Elliot "GhostPixels" Sabidussi
Kaz "ItsKaz" Born
Rubens "PraetorLunaire" Paulico
Victor "metasight" Gabriel


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this is a real nice game, as someone who has depression I like how non judgmental it felt,

thanks to everyone involved for making and sharing it


Sorry for the late reply! 

Thanks for paying our and I'm glad to hear you felt welcome in the experience!


I like the mechanics as metaphor in this game, especially the way you can't clean everything at once and have to search for a thing or two each day. I had depression during childhood, and that mechanic reminds me (in a non-stressful way) of an episode where I needed to clean my room and had a breakdown because I didn't know where to start. So, this game captures some feelings related to depression quite well.


Hello! I'm one of the artists in the game.

I'm glad to hear you liked it! We tried to capture each members own experiences with depression, so it's good to hear other people can also relate.

Thank you for playing!


Nice little uplifting experience! I felt like I accomplished something without Marie Kondo nagging me either. Enjoyed the dialogue, UI and art.

Thank you so much!! Your comment means a lot to us! That accomplishment feeling is exactly what we were aiming for, it makes us happy that we achieved that ^^


day 5 keeps glitching for me???


Thank you for playing! For now it is still in development, and day 5 and 6 are very buggy indeed. We are fixing all the bugs in a less rushed way as we speak, we are hoping to release a new version by this week with less bugs and some game design alterations.

For now: Generally if you get to a soft lock (a text that won't go away, a thing you got to click and it won't go through, etc), go to the other screen (click the arrows on the sides) and go back. It'll most likely let you keep progressing. In day 5 and 6 the things you put in order are going back to their previous not-tidy assets, but it still counts as if you did organize it.